BCCA - 2013/2014

May 19, 2013
The BCCA kicked off when Tara Chaloner and Claire Briegel came to us from Dundee for the day. We drove to a field where there were horses and spent an hour observing/sketching/writing/taking photos/communing with the animals. That evening we made an exhibition of our findings in the summerhouse. We dressed up for the event and each of us said a little about our day.

July 27 and 28, 2013
Tara Chaloner and Claire Briegel travelled to the BCCA again. The idea was that this 24-hour residency would be an exchange. Kate and I would gather material so as to present an episode of Tara and Claire's 'Bureau of Exchange' project, while Tara and Claire would start to research and write a chapter for our 'Strange Bundle' website. Neither side of the exchange came to fruition, exactly. However, a couple of weeks later, Claire and Kate successfully collaborated together on 'INTER' as part of their MFA course at DJCAD, and the chances are this preliminary collaboration helped. A few of BCCA's house rules were also thrashed out on the day.

August 25 and 26, 2013
'Augury Observatory' or 'Laying the Ground' was a 24-hour residency undertaken by Lesley Kamel and Tara Chaloner. A number of devices (spreading of seed, lighting of candles, raising of flags, readings from ornithology books) were employed to attract wild birds to a marked off space in the vicinity of the summerhouse. Though the birds stayed away that day, when, weeks later, I spotted a red linnet, a bird I'd not seen in the flesh since I was a child, I immediately thought of Tara and Lesley's work. Indeed, I thought of 'Augury Observatory' when in October I saw a kingfisher on the River Lornty a full two miles from the BCCA.

August 28, 2013
Screen shot 2013-10-01 at 20.14
Heather Lane’s proposal concerned transforming the BCCA into a Scottish castle. She did this by Sellotaping photocopies of stone ramparts onto the outside of the summerhouse. We'd invited friends along for the afternoon, and Heather encouraged everyone to dress up in tartan. There was Scottish dancing. Then the haggis was piped out to take pride of place for a picnic on the lawn. In this way, far from aesthetically neutral conditions were set up for a conversation about the forthcoming independence vote. A future for Scotland was both sketched out on paper and discussed around the picnic rug. But how serious can one be when one has been laughing for much of the afternoon? How objective when it seems like you're talking to fellow clan members at the very rallying point of the clan?

May 31, 2014
Gerry O'Brien organised and led a workshop. The participants assembled at the BCCA at 10am. Gerry suggested how we might respond to local spaces (as people) but gave us freedom to explore them in our own way too. We then went out to the two locations that Gerry had lined up for us. First, an 'invisible' space in the middle of a housing scheme not fifty yards from the BCCA, where we spent an absorbing hour. Second, the Wellmeadow, a formally laid-out leisure space in the middle of town where we also spent some time sketching, writing, talking, taking photographs and thinking. After lunch and some additional prep time, we presented our findings about the two spaces to each other in the BCCA. And out of that discussion a place called 'The Chunnel' was born.

30 DEC, 2014
Not so much a residency, more a party. In the house, Kate and I took the opportunity of telling our 20-odd guests that the bcca would be more active now that Kate had completed her MFA and recovered from the joys and stresses of it. In the shed, we all put together a show on the theme of the day's date. That On Kawara has been dead for 185 days was spoken of by me, shortly before Jonathan Baxter put together (see above) what looks like a tribute to Joseph Beuys. Jonathan took a 'call' (on my camera case) from Gerry, who couldn't be with us on the night. RIchard and Phil, currently staying in the house as airbnb guests and who'd spent the day ski-ing, joined in the art event wholeheartedly. Thanks also to Carmel Ward, Sarah Gittens, Tara, Tara's chum, Lesley, Lada and Scott Wilson, Angela Jeffs, Akii, Aileen Stackhouse and Kay Hood - all of whom generously contributed to bringing the new year in with a bcca.