BCCA - Basics

What is the BCCA?

The BCCA is a shed at the bottom of our Perthshire garden. (Not to be confused with the bus-shelter on the isle of Skye, left.) Actually, it's a summerhouse which is let out for much of April to September as an
airbnb venue, often to travellers wanting somewhere to stop overnight when coming from or going to Skye, which seems to be Scotland's top tourist destination. At specific times it's available for short artist residencies.

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Our house is also part of the BCCA. It's where artists help with the cooking, eating, drinking, talking, planning, doing and undoing that goes on here.

The ethos of BCCA is collaboration, co-operation and creation within a domestic/small town/cultural environment.

Who is the BCCA?

The BCCA is hosted by artists
Kate Clayton and Duncan McLaren.

What can we offer?

  • The BCCA is a flexible living, working and showing space. (It should be returned to its white cube state at the end of a residency.)
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  • The BCCA is located in the centre of Blairgowrie, a town of 10,000 people in rural Perthshire.
  • Dundee, which has a thriving art college, is sixteen miles away, 40 minutes away by car, 50 minutes by bus.
  • We have a car and so can help out with local journeys.
  • A derelict church is right next door.
  • We have a garden.
  • We are surrounded by woods, rivers, fields, hills, animals, birds, injustices, ironies, care homes, raspberries, salmon, deer, golf courses, graveyards, gravel pits, Grampians...
  • Conversation.
  • The BCCA has a community Facebook page.
  • An event can be organised as part of a residency.
  • Duncan has written about contemporary art for a wide range of artists, institutions, websites and periodicals, including Art Review and the Independent on Sunday.
  • Dialogue.
  • On the next page you can get a glimpse of the residencies that have taken place in 2013/2014.
  • From 2015 this website will take over from Strange Bundle, which followed Kate's progress through her MFA at DJCAD in Dundee. Thus residencies from now on can be documented at length, if felt appropriate.
  • Residencies offered until 2015 have been for 24 hours or so. Depending on a proposal we should be able to extend this for longer.
  • The BCCA is self-funded. We do not pay an artist fee (nor do we charge a fee) or travel expenses. We host artists.
  • Collaboration.

What can you offer?

  • Do you have a project that might be realisable in this context?


The bcca is on hold at the moment as we restructure our lives!